SURVIVE-MIVA is a Catholic lay Association. We exist to provide one vital element for the success of the Church’s health and pastoral work in areas of great need – a means of transport.

Founded in Liverpool in 1974 we work with dioceses in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The donations we receive are converted into grants for all types of transport: this may be a bicycle, a moped, a trail bike, a 4wd ambulance, a pickup, an outboard motor – it is the people on the ground who know what best suits their terrain.

Rejecting dependency, we seek to strengthen grassroots initiatives which focus on locally identified needs and priorities so that access to healthcare and pastoral support can be brought about by sustainable means.

Previous grants have gone towards:

Tata 207 Crew Cabin for the Franciscan Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, Palladam, Madurai, India to enable them to work with women in 36 villages in the areas of hygiene, non-formal education, micro-credit schemes & vocational training.

Toyota Hilux 4wd for St Agnes’ Mission, Zambia for an HIV/AIDS home based care programme.

TVS Victor Motorcycle for Sacred Heart Church, Andhra Pradesh, India for pastoral care, health care programmes, literacy classes, saving schemes and group counselling.

Toyota Hilux 4wd for St Yoanna Maria Muzeeyi, Buyoga Health Centre, Kibinge, Uganda for community-based health care and education in 8 sub-stations, each about 40 km from the main Health Centre.

In 2014 we spent over £350,000 on different types of transport around the world. Help us to continue to support those in need by getting involved. Information can be found on our website.