Parish News

Parish News

 Last week’s offering amounted to £1,871.43.

November is the month when we pray especially for the Holy Souls. Envelops are available for your list of deceased relatives and friends to be placed on the altar during November. Thirty Masses will be celebrated for the Holy Souls.

First Communion 2018: We have already begun the preparation programme for the sacraments last weekend.  If you are in Year 3 or above please ask one of the priests for an application form after Mass.

Claretian Mission 2017: You may pick up your free copy of this booklet from the back of the Church

Transport can be arranged for anybody who has difficulty getting to Sunday Mass. We also need more drivers for the minibus on a Sunday morning to join the rota.

Gifts from the Garden. There is now a pile of logs and a heap of leaf mulch in the garden at St Joseph’s. If anyone would like logs for a wood burner you will find them next to the Shed. If you would like leaf mulch for your garden, you will find it piled next to the compost bins at the bottom of the garden. Please help yourselves.

Thinking of becoming a Catholic? — if anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Catholic Church or exploring the possibility of doing so, please give your name to one of the Priests or the parish office.

Parish Security

As part of a review of the security of our property, it is necessary to compile a list of current key holders, prior to updating some of the locks. If you have keys to any of the property at St Joseph’s or St Hugh’s, please complete one of the forms available at the back of the Church and return it to the Parish House at St Joseph’s, the Office at St Hugh’s, or hand it to one of the priests. Please note that this is being done not to restrict access, but as a ‘common sense’ approach to security.

Church Cleaning:  We urgently need new people to join the cleaning rota both at St. Joseph’s and St. Hugh’s. Please see the poster in the church porch or contact Gay Stonehouse on 810685 or Yvonne Clare on 742587

Meetings and Events

The Towers Lime walk and Orchard is due for its annual pruning and tidying. All volunteers welcome, on Saturday, 11th November, starting at 10 am till dusk. Just come along armed  with secateurs and other suitable tools and stay for as long as you want or are able. Refreshments provided.

Monday, 6th NovemberThere will be a choir practice at St Hugh’s at 7.30 pm.

Monday, 20th November:  CWL meeting is at 2. 00 pm., in the meeting room.



Mass for the Youth of Our Parish!

Sunday, 5th November – 6.00 pm at St Hugh’s

All children, young people and their families are invited to celebrate their own Monthly Mass in a more contemporary way. Please come along and experience something a little different! Why not bring a friend?

After Mass, join us for hotdogs and hot chocolate around a bonfire with fireworks!


Learning about the Catholic Church. Are you, or is anyone you know, interested in learning more about the Catholic Church or how to join? Perhaps you are a baptised Catholic but have never been confirmed Just speak to one of the priests and sessions will be arranged for those interested.

Catholic papers and magazines are available at the back of church including The Universe, Catholic Times, Catholic Herald and Catholic Life.

Remembrance Services

There is an article on the importance of the Children’s Liturgy available on this website under ‘Catechesis’. You can click here to read it.

St Joseph’s Repository and Library is open on Sunday mornings and during parish office hours (see contacts page).