Our Lady at Walsingham

“England’s Nazareth”: according to the Pynson Ballad, Richeldis de Faverches prayed to perform works in honour of Our Lady, and, in answering her prayer, the Blessed Virgin showed her the place where the Annunciation occurred in Nazareth, and requested that she build a replica in Walsingham in memorial. By around 1150 the Augustinians had built a Priory with papal approval and Walsingham became one of the greatest shrines in Christendom.

Every day the focal point is the Pilgrim Mass at 12:00. There is also a regular programme of events and services. True devotion to Mary will lead us to Christ. Every day at

Walsingham Catholic Shrine Church Norfolk East Anglia UK
Walsingham pilgrims walk the holy mile, often praying the rosary as they walk and pondering the mysteries of the Lord. As Pope Pius XII remarked, the rosary is a “compendium of the entire gospel.”

Roman Catholic Shrine Walsingham Norfolk East Anglia Chapel UK
The Shrine caters for individuals and large groups. Those who wish to make a pilgrimage on their own or as a family are able to do so. There are also national events held regularly throughout the year, especially in the summer. Each diocese has its annual pilgrimage, East Anglia’s is on the May Day bank holiday, and (inter)national groups such as the UCM, SVP, St Patrick’s Missionaries and Youth 2000 also have annual pilgrimages. You can keep up to date with Walsingham’s diary on their website.

Pilgrimages to Walsingham are arranged by many groups within the parish. Everyone is most welcome on most of these. Details of upcoming pilgrimages can be found on our Events page.