Missio exists because 40% of the worldwide Catholic Church is too poor to support itself. Missio plays a crucial role supporting the local Church overseas and sharing the light of Christ by training priests, building churches and combating injustice, disease, poverty and exploitation in 157 countries.

Since 1922, Missio has been the Catholic Church’s official charity for overseas mission. We bring the hope of the Gospel where there is turmoil, poverty and uncertainty in the world, and where the Church is new, young or poor. Missio empowers local people to form and sustain communities of faith and we train and nurture future leaders so that the vital work of the Church in the world can take place.

Our four main focus areas are:

Children’s projects in faith, health and education.

The training of local priests and sisters.

The building of Church infrastructure and supporting faith communities.

The promotion of world mission through prayer and study.


The Red Box

The Red Box takes up a prominent position in the heart of the home as a reminder to the family and their visitors of the important work Church missionaries carry out. The money put into these boxes goes to fund the vital work of the Catholic Church abroad, bringing God’s hope and love to those most in need. It also acts as a regular reminder for us to pray for all missionaries and the communities they serve. They are a simple way for Catholics to play their part in the missionary work of the Church.

If you would like a Red Box you can order one here.


World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday takes place on the penultimate Sunday of October each year. Mass on this Sunday is celebrated exclusively for missionary activity. Donations collected at these Masses go to support the churches, hospitals, schools and vocations wherever the Church is new, young or poor.