Mass Times

Mass Times Week Commencing Sunday 7th May

Sunday 7th May – 4th Sunday of Easter

08:00 (Patrick Kelly RIP)
09:45 (Adrian Clapham RIP)
11:15 (Pollock Family RIP)
17:30 (Kate Tuohy Ints)

 Monday 8th May – feria

19:00 (Ann Keating Ints )
09:30 (Fr. Jim Kennedy Ints)

 Tuesday 9th May- feria

10:00 (Special Ints)
09:30 (Catherine Flynn RIP)

 Wednesday 10th May- feria

10:00 (Francis Murphy RIP)
09:30 (Ophilda D’ souza RIP)

 Thursday 11th May – feria

10:00 (William Pollock RIP)
09:30 (Dick Purcell RIP)

 Friday 12th May – feria

10:00 (John Fernandes Ints)
09:30 (Jack Halloran RIP)

 Saturday 13th May- feria

09:30 (Thomas Lloyd RIP)
18:30 (O’Brian Family RIP)

 Sunday 14th May – 5th Sunday of Easter

08:00 (Patrick o’shea Ints)
09:45 (People of the Parish)
11:15 (Margaret & Joe Sinclair RIP)
17:30 (People of the Parish)