Mass Times


 Mass Times

Week Commencing 19 May 2019

St. Joseph                                                   St. Hugh

5th Sunday of Easter

8.00 am.  Fr Antony Arockiam, Ints.

11.15 am.   Robert and Julia Gunning RIP

5.30 pm.  Patrick Kelly, RIP

6.30 pm. (Sat). May O’Brien, RIP

9.45 am.  People of the Parish


Monday – Easter Feria
7.00 pm.  John Cronin, RIP 9:15 am.
Tuesday – Easter Feria
10.00 am.  Rosary Group, Ints.

12.00 pm.  Requiem Mass for Lucia Tarantini

9.15 am.
Wednesday – St Rita of Cascia
10.00 am.  Rosalie Soares, RIP 9.15 am.
Thursday – Easter Feria
10.00 am.  Don Kellett, RIP 9.15 am.
Friday -Easter Feria
10.00 am. Steve and Nick Kocoras, RIP 9.15 am.
Saturday – St Bede the Venerable
3.00 pm.  Parish Mass for the Sick 9.15 am.

6.30 pm.

6th Sunday of Easter

8.00 am.  Manuel Caroto, Ints.

11.15 am.   Eva Lily Grace O’Neill-Neeves, in

5.30 pm.  Anne Cassell, RIP

9.45 am.