Mass Times

Mass Times Week Commencing Sunday 18th March

Sunday 18th March – 5th Sunday of Lent

08:00 (Kathleen Gordon RIP)
09:45 (Sr. Madelene RIP)
11:15 (Joe Gunning Ints)
17:30 (Carol Humphreys RIP)

 Monday 19th March – St.Joseph

10:00 (Charlotte Rose RIP)
09:30 (Janes Bennate RIP)

Tuesday 20th  March – feria

10:00 (James Bell Ints)
07:00 (Mr. J. Creaby Ints)
09:30 (Tyrone D’Cruz RIP)

 Wednesday 21stth March – feria

10:00 (Maggie & Ian Stephenson Ints)
09:30 (Claire and Harry Rooney  RIP)

 Thursday 22nd  March -feria

10:00 (Requiem Mass: Mary Evans RIP)
09:30 (Frances & Austin Thorne Ints)

 Friday 23rd  March – feria

10:00 (Anne Magill Ints)
09:30 (Juliet & Sue Anna Preveliov Gibbes RIP)
19:00 (Mary Collins Ints)

 Saturday 24th March – feria

(No Mass)
09:30 (John Harpur RIP)
18:30 (John William Hazel RIP)

 Sunday 25th March- 5th Palm Sunday 

08:00 (Michael Walsh Ints)
09:45 (Margaret McGuire Ints)
11:15 (Ronie Jacquard Ints)
17:30 (Tommy Carroll RIP)