Mass Times

Mass Times Week Commencing Sunday 5th November

Sunday 5th Nov – 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

08:00 (Debbie Loveday RIP)
09:45 (People of the Parish)
11:15 (Special Intentions)
17:30 (McCarthy Family Special Ints)

 Monday 6th Nov – feria

19:00 (McLoughlin Family Ints)
09:30 ( Holy Souls)

 Tuesday 7th Nov – feria

10:00 (Leanne Cordwell Ints)
09:30 (Holy Souls)

 Wednesday 8th Nov- feria

10:00 (Helen Jones RIP)
09:30 (Holy Souls)

 Thursday 9th Nov – Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

10:00 (Fr. John Elliott RIP)
09:30 (Holy Souls)

 Friday 10th Nov – feria

10:00 (Helen Jones RIP)
09:30(Holy Souls)

 Saturday 11th Nov – feria

     (No Mass)
09:30 (Holy Souls)
18:30 (Megan Byrne RIP)

 Sunday 12th Nov-  32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

08:00 (Patrick Callaghan RIP)
09:45 (People of the Parish)
11:15 (Alan Palmer)
17:30 (Harry Garratty RIP)