First Communion


Applications for this normally takes place from September, soon as the children return to school from their summer holiday. It is usually advertised in the weekly parish news letter and classes normally start from November.

This year we have seven children from the parish coming from Cambourne, Roxton and St Neots. Preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament takes place every Sunday for an hour before the 11.15 Mass during the school term time.

As the children come from different areas and also go to different schools the preparation is slightly different to normal. The first few weeks take into consideration the basic prayers and getting the children to become confident in making the sign of the cross. This followed by the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, again being able to say this with confidence and understanding. The classes are as light hearted as possible and the children spend some time getting to know each other and do some colouring in of religious pictures relevant to the days instruction.

After Christmas the session move up a gear but still with the same essence of getting to know each other and not being shy to answer questions. We then begin in earnest following the course along set guidelines but always trying to instil the love of the Sacrament and the sense of belonging it gives us. As the children go to different schools we think this is an essential part of learning and to feel they belong to a special community.
The parents will normally stay behind and are in the perimeter of the room. This allows them to integrate and get to know each other, there by enlarging the family circle. A few of the mothers from last year`s group already have a good friendship and meet when they can. It is also great to see the children talking to each other, recognising each other from the classes and coming to Mass and taking part in the celebration of the Eucharist.


For children ages 7 to 10

Going a little further we have started meeting with the children once a month in the upper room at St Joseph`s. Last year’s group have met twice and included this year’s in one meeting. We intend to meet on the second or middle Saturday of every month from 2 till 4p.m. and it will be fun, prayer, learning hymns and even video afternoon. In the summer we could be out in the garden playing games.

The dates will be advertised in the weekly parish news letter.

Thank you and God bless.

John and Elizabeth Fernandes