St Joseph and St Hugh

Cycle of Prayer


Throughout Lent we are asked to pray especially for these intentions:

Women’s World Day of Prayer
especially on First Friday in March, 4th March

Candidates for the Sacraments
especially on the Sundays in Lent

The Needy and the Hungry of the World
especially on Lent Fast Day, 19th February

Penitents and Wanderers


Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.
Matt 11:28.

Father of mercies
and God of all consolation,
You do not wish the sinner to die
but to be converted and live.
Bring back the wanderer,
strengthen the penitent.
Hear the prayers of those who call on You;
forgive the sins of those who confess to You;
and in Your merciful love
give us Your pardon and Your peace.

They are happy whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own.
Psalm 32:12.

enlighten Your chosen ones with the word of life.
Give them a new birth in the waters of baptism,
and make them living members of the Church.
Sav them by the water that gives a fresh beginning;
heal them by Your grace;
that they might share Your life
and hope to live forever.
May the example of our faith,
hope and love, help to guide
Your chosen ones on the way
to their salvation.

Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You?.
Matt 25:38

All powerful Father,
You provided for all Your creation.
Give us an effective love for those who suffer from lack of food.
Help us t do all we can to relieve their hunger
and supply their needs.
May we always see You
in the hungry and the needy.
Keep us aware of our Christian duty,
to give to them a just share of what is ours.
Through Christ our Lord.

bless Your people in every nation;
bless those who turn to You
on Women’s World Day of Prayer.
You have given all peoples one common origin
and Your will is to gather them to Yourself;
hear the prayers offered to You
by women throughout the world;
for an end to all division
and a human society built on love and peace.
In Your loving kindness
grant our petitions.