St Joseph and St Hugh


God is always giving us gifts to help us in the great adventure of Christian life. Confirmation, like the other sacraments, is one of these gifts; through it we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and we can see the effects in the events of the first Pentecost (read about it in Acts 2:1-12) when the confused, scared, uneducated apostles were able to go out and preach the Good News in many languages.

Why be confirmed? In fact not being confirmed would be like being offered a beautifully wrapped gift and deciding not to open it without even knowing what it was.

If this is all a free gift from God, why bother with preparation? One of the gifts God has already given us is our mind. We need to co-operate with Him and use it to find out what we need to know for our Christian lives (the apostles spent 3 years with Jesus before they received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, after all).

If you are in Year 9 or above, Confirmation preparation is definitely for you, whether you are 100% sure or you’ve never thought about it before. Ask in the Parish Office for an application form.