St Joseph and St Hugh


From the moment of conception a child enters into a relationship with God, since the Father is the Creator of all life and we are his created beings.

At birth, a child begins to interact with the created world; to know what it is to be loved and to love in return. The love which exists between parents and their child is a reflection of the love of the Father for his children.

As adults, we know that the Father’s love for us is so great that he sent his only Son to suffer and die that we might be redeemed and live with him eternally. This life-saving event, the Paschal Mystery, stands at the heart of our Catholic Faith. The grace which flows from the Sacrifice of Christ is given to us through the liturgies of the Church, especially the Sacraments and most particularly in the Eucharist. Belief in a loving and redeeming, Trinitarian God gives meaning and direction to our lives. The outpouring of God’s love calls us to give him thanks and praise. In life and in worship we deepen our personal relationship with our Father in heaven. This is our Faith. This is the Faith we want to deepen and to hand on to our children.

The parish of St Joseph and St Hugh is here to help you. On the following pages you will find details of how to enrol for the various preparation courses for the sacraments of the Church. You will also find information of the many ways you, as adults, can deepen your own faith through courses and days of reflection and study run in the parish, in the deanery and in the diocese.