Aid to the Church in Need

Aid to the Church in Need works in more than 130 countries where Christians are persecuted, oppressed or in pastoral need.

Here are some of our key projects:

EGYPT: Helping Sudanese refugees fleeing persecution – Nearly 60,000 Sudanese Christians are living as refugees in neighbouring Egypt having fled a clampdown on the Church by the regime in Khartoum. Support has been offered in the way of food, medicine, training and integration into local society. Bishop of Cairo, Adel Zaki, said, “The work with the refugees is a sign of solidarity and we consider it a must to help Christians who can only turn to the Church for support. I appeal to you to help our work on behalf of families in great need.”

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Help after the flooding of 2014 – The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina had not seen flooding on this scale for more than 120 years. Many people underestimated the scale of the recent floods and stayed in their homes, until forced onto the roof. Many others, with painful memories of losing everything in the Bosnian war of 1992 – 1995, refused to leave their homes. It has been hard for old people in particular, to see everything destroyed for a second time. The flooding has brought Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim believers together in a reaction of wonderful solidarity, but the need is still immense. Landslides threaten many houses and there is a risk of disease.

SYRIA: Providing food, shelter and medicine in Homs – The city was home to the country’s second largest Christian population but most have fled after heavy fighting. A Jesuit priest, Fr Ziad Hilal, has opened a care centre, providing food, shelter and medicine to over 1,000 families. The situation is even worse for a fellow priest and Christians trapped in Homs Old City, where they live in a siege-like manner and rely on aid parcels from Aid to the Church in Need.

NIGERIA: Renovation of St Augustine’s Seminary in Jos – Christians in some parts of Nigeria have come under intense persecution by Boko Haram who wish to destabilise Nigeria and have declared war on Christians. Despite this seminaries are bursting at the seams with young men determined to follow the vocation to which God has called them. Unfortunately there is not enough suitable accommodation to house them all. The seminary in Jos is struggling to cater for 327 seminarians and a lack of space and facilities means some men are having to be turned away. Aid to the Church in Need is helping with renovation and expansion.


To support this vital work, and much more besides, there are many things we can do. Donations are always welcome, but you can also make a Mass offering, or visit the Aid to the Church in Need shop.