St Joseph and St Hugh

About the Parish

The parish of St Joseph and St Hugh of Lincoln is a lively community of about 5000 Catholics which has been in the pastoral care of the Claretian Missionaries since 2010. The Catholic Church is a diverse community of people who share the same faith: of all nations and ages, whether living as family or alone, we are all equally valued members of the Church with gifts to offer to build up the Catholic community in the St. Neots and Buckden area.

If you want to meet new people just drop in for a chat during office hours when there is always someone around.

Friendship… the company of those who share a vision of what it is to be a human being with an eternal  destiny.

Sacraments… encountering Christ, not only at the important moments of our lives, but regularly as strength on the journey.

Learning… for all ages: receiving and handing on a shared faith.

From another country? Come and meet others of your nationality and, together, bring your Catholic traditions to enrich the liturgy.

Housebound? If you are sick or a carer and you cannot come to church, we can come to you.

Parents? Come and meet other parents and share ways of handing on the faith to your children.

Feeling young? Come and join other young Catholics and help shape your parish. You are not alone. This is your church.