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Updated 6 August 2020

As of 8th August, the Government requirements stipulate that masks must be worn within church. The Bishops have updated guidelines. The complete Guidelines with revisions can be viewed here (updates are in red): 2020.08.03 – Guidance for Acts of Worship – Mass – Revision 10

The Mass Schedule for the week is as follows:
St Joseph’s
St Hugh’s
No Mass
6.30pm (vigil Mass)
9.45 am
Churches closed

Buckden Churches Together is organising a prayer walk in Buckden, Offord and Perry as a result of people turning to God during Coronavirus time. We will walk and pray in the streets of the villages. We are looking for volunteers from each church. It will begin in August. If you would like to volunteer please give your name to Fr Jim. The walk will lead to a 6 week programme in September to look at the life of Jesus and what he is offering to us.  Thank you.

 Claretians on the move……

After serving in our Parish for three years, Fr Antony will be leaving at the end of August to take up an appointment at St Joseph’s in Leyton. From that time our new Parish Priest will be Fr Krzystof Stawicki, who comes to us from Hayes. More details will come later, but in the meantime we thank Fr Antony for his caring ministry and the new insight he has brought to the Parish. We wish him well and assure him of our prayers.

Guidelines for those Attending Mass / Stewards 

The Parish’s Guidelines for attending Mass were updated recently. Please see the latest guidelines below:

200723 Updated Instructions for Parishioners

200724 Updated Instructions for Stewards at Mass

Call for Stewards

Thank you to those who have volunteered to steward at Masses. We are still in need of more volunteers. Those over 70 can steward at Mass if planning to attend the Mass.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments for both churches have been updated. Copies can be found on the noticeboard at the back of each church, or at the following link:
200729 Parish Risk Assessment St Hugh
200729 Parish Risk Assessment St Joseph

Latest News

 Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology 

Online courses (via Zoom) are being offered through the MBIT. To view the brochure, please see the link below:
MBIT brochure web


 Sacramental Preparation Classes

The closing for date for applications for First Communion, Confirmation and RCIA is 23rd August 2020. First Communion candidates must be Year 3 and above. Confirmation candidates must be Year 9 and above. Application forms were included with the parish update from 28 June. Alternatively, application forms can be found below:
Adult, RCIA Application form
First Holy Communion APPLICATION 2020-21
Confirmation APPLICATION 2020 – 2021


Let us remember the sick of our parish in our valuable prayers!

Pam Ostler, Adrian Taggart, Anne Gilchrist, Stella Beavor, James ‘Jim’ Dermody, Ruth Clapham, Ken Houghton, Ann Page, Charles Marr, Hilton Rowlings, Andrew Madden, Helen Searle, Maria Taverna, Joe Shamy.
Note: Please send the names of the sick if you think that the parish should remember them in our daily prayers. May God grant them speedy recovery!

Parish Mass intentions for the coming week can be found by clicking on the Mass and Service Times tab at the top of this page.


Sacrament of Reconciliation is available Saturdays at St Hugh’s from 9.45am to 10.15am


Mass Online

Online Mass remains available following the opening of churches for public Masses.  Live Catholic Mass Directory
For a list of Catholic radio broadcasts, please follow this link:  https://www.rcdea.org.uk/catholic-broadcasters-bring-uplift-during-lockdown/

 If you are self-isolating and are unable to obtain necessary supplies,
please contact the Parish Office on 01480 472587.
Or email the parish at
parishpriest.stjosephsthugh@gmail.com or stjosephsthugh@gmail.com 


Parish notices are being sent out by email when possible. If you haven’t received an email from the parish, please email stjosephsthugh@gmail.com to be added to the list


About Our Parish

The Parish of St Joseph in St Neots, and St Hugh of Lincoln, Buckden is located in the Diocese of East Anglia and is in the pastoral care of the Claretian Missionaries, who are based, along with the Claret Retreat & Conference Centre, within the complex known as Buckden Towers Cambridgeshire, England, UK. On this website you can: check Mass times, as well as the times of other services; look up information on the Children’s Liturgy and Sacraments under Catechesis; discover the different groups for all ages and interests available in the Parish Community; keep track of the latest events being held in your area under the Parish News heading.

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Diocese Catholic St Neots Joseph Hugh Buckden
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