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Updated 23 November 2020

All Masses and communal worship are suspended because of the new lockdown.

Nevertheless, there is opportunity to visit our churches for private prayer. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am – 11:00 am, On Fridays and Sundays at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm. On Mondays and Saturdays – closed. We would like express again our gratitude to our stewards for their availability and care.

On 4 November 2020, Parliament passed into law The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020.
These are in force from Thursday, 5 November to Wednesday, 2 December 2020.
As well as the Regulations, the Government has updated its Guidance for the safe use of places of worship to reflect current circumstances.
The Government has also published its New National Restrictions Guidance on its website.
The Regulations preclude gatherings for communal worship, including the celebration of Mass, baptisms and most weddings.
However, it is important to stress that this does not represent a return to the previous lockdown earlier in the year.
In the current Regulations, places of worship are permitted to remain open for certain purposes, and to attend a place of worship is listed as an acceptable reason to leave home.
The purposes for which a place of worship may remain open are listed in Paragraph 18(8) of the Regulations.
Most notably, the Regulations allow places of worship to remain open for “individual prayer” which is defined as “prayer by individuals which does not form part of communal worship.”
Churches Open It is important that a generous provision is made to open our churches for substantial amounts of time. Priests are encouraged to maintain a presence in their open churches, making themselves available to talk with those who attend for individual prayer. Churches may be used for Mass and other services to be streamed, without a congregation present. Musicians and singers may participate in online services, as long as they usually form part of the service that is being broadcast and are essential to its delivery. Churches are permitted to continue to be open to offer support and charitable outreach, including the provision of food banks or other support for the homeless or the vulnerable. It is so important that this response to the pandemic, which has been such a significant part of parish life over these past months in so many places, continues and develops. Funeral Masses and funeral services may continue to be celebrated, with an attendance of up to 30 people (not including those who are required for the celebration). Weddings are only permitted when one of those getting married is seriously ill and is not expected to recover. Such weddings are limited to SIX people excluding the priest or deacon celebrant.
Covid Secure It is important that the routines of cleanliness, stewarding and social distancing to which we have become accustomed, and which have made our churches places of real Covid security, are maintained. Face coverings should continue to be worn in churches, unless individuals are exempt. The maximum number of people allowed in a church for prayer will be determined by its size, seating arrangements and the requirements for social distancing.
Sacramental Preparation In the light of the broad aim to minimise gatherings of those from different households, and to focus resources on keeping churches open for individual prayer, it is recommended that catechism classes and sacramental preparation sessions are suspended, or held online, whilst these Regulations are in force. Clergy and parishioners are encouraged to read the Regulations and Guidance and make mature judgments about how best they are to be applied in particular contexts. Some priests may have heightened vulnerability owing to age or medical condition: in making their judgements, they should consider their own circumstances and wellbeing, as well as the safety of others. These days are not easy, but during the time the Regulations are in force it is vital that the best and effective use of our churches is made, for the good of the faithful and wider society.
Rev. Canon Christopher Thomas 5 November 2020 Revision 2


As of 8th August, the Government requirements stipulate that masks must be worn within church. The Bishops have updated guidelines. The complete Guidelines with revisions can be viewed here (updates are in red): 2020.08.25 – Guidance for Acts of Worship – Pastoral Care of the Sick – Revision 5

The Mass Schedule for the week is as follows:
St Joseph’s 
St Hugh’s
No Mass
6.30pm (vigil Mass) Holy Souls
8.00am Joan Cronin, RIP
11.15am Patrick O’Shea, Ints
5.30pm Holy Souls
9.45 am Tess Adlard, RIP
Privat Mass in St Hugh’s, Buckden: Holy Souls
10.00am Michael Braybrook, Ints
9.15am Holy Souls
10.00am Phylis Cordwell Ints
9.15am Holy Souls
10.00am Leanne Cordwell, Ints
9.15am Holy Souls
10.00am Debra White, Ints
9.15am Holy Souls

Pastoral Care of the Sick

Copies of an updated version of Guidance for the Pastoral Care of the Sick are available at the church porch. You will see that Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are now permitted to make home visits. They must wear a face covering and take all the precautions as outlined in the guidance. Please read the guidelines here: 2020.08.25 – Guidance for Acts of Worship – Pastoral Care of the Sick – Revision 5

Christmas Masses. Based on guidance from Bishop Alan on how to help as many people as possible to take part in Mass at Christmas and after our own careful discernment, we are planning the following programme:

Christmas Eve at both St Joseph’s and St Hugh’s: 8 Masses in total.

Children/Families: 5pm and 6.30pm in Buckden and in St Neots

‘Midnight’ Mass: 10pm and 12 midnight in St Neots and 8pm and 10pm in Buckden

Christmas Day: 4 Masses in total.

St Joseph’s: 8am, 9.30am and 11.15am

St Hugh’s: 09.45am

The restrictions on capacity (30 at St Joseph’s and 40 at St Hugh’s) will remain in place and thus pre-booking is essential to avoid having to turn anyone away. Booking lists will be posted on the notice boards just after lockdown. Please enter your family name and the number of people in your group, to help make best use of the space available. Stewards will check off names as you arrive.

Of course, we will have to adhere to all current requirements such as hand sanitising, wearing of face masks and dispersing quickly at the end of Mass. Also, as Bishop Alan writes ‘it will be quite a strange Christmas celebration’ as there will be no congregational singing.

We will need additional stewards to guide people to their places and to clean and sanitise the churches after each Mass.

 Chocolates for Christmas

Fr Paul Peter and his team organise the collection of the Chocolates for Christmas for prisoners. If you are able to help, we are asking for the 740-800 gram sized tubs of ‘Heroes’, ‘Quality Street’, ‘Celebration’ or ‘Roses’. Also, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons’s have tubs of own brand chocolates. It is really helpful if you stick just to the tubs, as they all have to be unpacked and put into bags for each resident. This kindness from you is really appreciated by our staffs and residents. I need all the tubs to be delivered around 12/13 December in order that we have time to do the packing for each resident. If you are planning on taking part would you please contact Fr. Paul Peter cmf. (

Food bank

The food bank collection is again available at St Hugh’s church in Buckden and St Joseph’s church in St Neots.

Parish Bulletin by email: 

We would like to return to the idea of sending The Parish Bulletin by email. The proposal is addressed especially to the housebound who want to be in touch with our parish. Please, let us know if you are interested, sending a message to: or

November dead list envelopes are available at the back of the church. All the people you list are prayed for during November. If you were not able prepare your list earlier, send us your list by email and we include it in our prayers.

Masses booked for November as well as the Masses for Holy Souls commanded by our Parishioners are celebrated privately.


Statement from the President and the Vice-President of the Conference on the National Lockdown Wednesday 4th November:

Today, Parliament passed into law the Regulations governing many aspects of activity in the whole of England until 2nd December. These Regulations prohibit the gathering of people for communal worship in churches and other religious buildings. Churches remain open and in use for activities other than communal worship, including personal prayer and support for those in need. Funeral Masses and funeral services may be held. Please refer to the Regulations (for places of worship see paragraph 18) and associated Guidance. Despite profound misgivings it is important that we, as responsible citizens, observe these Regulations, which have the force of law: ‘Remind them to be obedient to the officials in authority; to be ready to do good at every opportunity’ (Titus 3:1). We do this in solidarity with so many others on whom are being imposed restrictions which impact severely on their lives and livelihoods. It is also important to recognise that these Regulations are not an attack on religious belief. However, they do demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of the essential contribution made by faith communities to the well-being, resilience and health of our society. At this difficult moment, we ask that, as a Catholic community, we make full use of our churches as places of individual prayer and sources of solace and help. We must sustain each other in our patterns of prayer, joining a national shared moment of prayer each day at 6pm, and observing the Vigil of Christ the King (21st November) as a day of prayer for the ending of this pandemic. And we encourage you all in your practical service and support of each other and those around you in need. This pathway of prayer and service is the royal road we are to take as a gracious witness in our society today. Cardinal Vincent Nichols (President) Archbishop Malcolm McMahon (Vice-President)

Guidelines for those Attending Mass / Stewards 

The Parish’s Guidelines for attending Mass were updated recently. Please see the latest guidelines below:

200723 Updated Instructions for Parishioners
200724 Updated Instructions for Stewards at Mass

Prayer for those affected by Coronavirus: Merciful God, come to the help of your people. Be our shelter in this time of peril and strengthen the bonds of our community. Bring healing to all who suffer the ravages of disease and assist those whose skill and art can put an end to this affliction. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments for both churches have been updated. Copies can be found on the noticeboard at the back of each church, or at the following link:
200729 Parish Risk Assessment St Hugh
200729 Parish Risk Assessment St Joseph

Sacramental Preparation Classes

First Communion classes and Confirmation meetings at St Joseph’s: Sadly, we must suspend the programme again, till the end of lockdown.

Adult, RCIA Application form
First Holy Communion APPLICATION 2020-21
Confirmation APPLICATION 2020 – 2021


Let us remember the sick of our parish in our valuable prayers!

Pam Ostler, Adrian Taggart, Anne Gilchrist, Stella Beavor, James ‘Jim’ Dermody, Ruth Clapham, Charles Marr, Andrew Madden, Helen Searle, Maria Taverna, Joe Shamy, Nancy Jacquard.
Note: Please send the names of the sick if you think that the parish should remember them in our daily prayers. May God grant them speedy recovery!

Recently Deceased

May their souls, and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace…
Kathleen Kirkley, RIP
Michael Walsh, RIP
Richard Daly, RIP

Parish Mass intentions for the coming week can be found by clicking on the Mass and Service Times tab at the top of this page.


Sacrament of Reconciliation is available Saturdays at St Hugh’s from 9.45am to 10.15am


Mass Online

Online Mass remains available following the opening of churches for public Masses.  Live Catholic Mass Directory
For a list of Catholic radio broadcasts, please follow this link:

 If you are self-isolating and are unable to obtain necessary supplies,
please contact the Parish Office on 01480 472587.
Or email the parish at or 


Parish notices are being sent out by email when possible. If you haven’t received an email from the parish, please email to be added to the list


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